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A  law firm focused on Estate Planning and Probate, serving the residents of Southern Maryland


Prepare today to protect your tomorrow.
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Estate planning isn't about you. It is about those you leave behind.


The most basic planning tool to protect your loved ones and distribute your assets.

Advance Directives


Instruments that plan for your medical care in case of incapacity.



Documents of transfer to help you devise property to your loved ones.

Trust Plans

A comprehensive plan for those who want a more detailed approach to asset preservation.



Adminstration of your loved one's estate with compassion and professionalism. 



Durable Powers of Attorney


Instruments that provide for management of business and financial affairs.



In July 2006, this law office opened. With a law degree and bar license in hand, I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. I wanted to help people plan for the unexpected and for the inevitable.  I also wanted to make sure my family received my care and my attention. Thus, the Law Office of Alexis J. Owens was born.


The mission is simple: To prepare today to protect your tomorrow. Too many people do not have estate plans. Many wait until a relative's bad experience with probate. I aim to change that by educating and counseling the public. 


The goal is obtainable: Offer legal services in a caring, compassionate, and professional manner. I want to make sure that the people I encounter have estate plans that meet their needs, provide for their loved ones, and give them peace of mind.


At this law firm, I listen to your goals, hear your dreams, and focus on what you want. Whether I am preparing your Will or helping you sort through probate, you can be assured that what is important to you, is important to me. 


For some people, the most difficult part of estate planning is getting started. Who do you call? Who can you trust? Why should you pick this attorney at this firm? You should pick the attorney who you feel comfortable with, who is willing to help you with your questions, and who can cater to your needs in a professional, compassionate manner. I want to be that person.


When you are ready to start your estate planning journey, give me a call. I work non-traditional hours to meet your needs. I meet you when it works for your schedule. There is no need to take time off work or miss an event with your children. If you or a loved one need legal counsel but are not able to drive, I will come to you. Your time and your needs are important. 



Family is everything. Give them peace of mind by planning ahead. 


Alexis J. Owens

Tel: 240.538.3471

Note: Licensed only in the State of Maryland.



Alexis J. Owens


P.O. Box 2082

Lusby, MD 20657

Tel:  240.538.3471



For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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